E Cigarettes at Music Festivals

One of my main issues when going to music festivals was finding a place to smoke. As a former 30+ a day smoker, finding those places was an all too common problem, and one I wished did not have to be so. I like to smoke! i’ve been doing it since the age of 16, and up until recently had never given any though of giving it up.

It wasn’t until I was trancing it away at the 10 heads festival last October that i came across my first electronic cigarette. Ramjit, one of my closest friends pulled it out and start puffing away without a care in the world. I said to him. “Hey Ramjit, where’d you get that? and what is it?” He told me it was his sisters old ecig and she had passed it over to him to try. What a wondrous piece of technology it looked. It was like a box with a pipe sticking out and the amount of smoke that Ramjit produced was that of a furnace factory. Wow I thought.

Without asking I grabbed to tool off him and started puffing away. Amazing! I got my nicotine fix whilst tasting a watermelon flavour. So much better than smoking normal cigarettes.

To cut that story short, Ramjit was nice enough to share it with me through the remainder of the festival and upon returning, I used up some of my savings to buy a device similar to his.

Music festivals since and in fact many other public places have been a lot easier, now I can use my electronic cigarette without disturbing those who dislike the smell of cigarettes.

My main problem however started 2 months later. I developed Tinnitus, and a rash over my face. I spent weeks trying to find out what was wrong. Naturally I assumed it was due to the electronic cigarette, but no idea why? After failing to find anywhere in India to confirm the problem (this includes my doctor) I start calling UK electronic cigarette companies. Luckily Skype credit calls are a lot cheaper than using a land line!!

I tried a few stores, I think Ecignet, Vapourhut, and Ecigzoo, but none could inform me the problem. It wasnt until I called Ichor Liquid, that my problem was discovered. I realised I was allergic to the e liquid in electronic cigarettes. Specifically an ingredient called Propylene Glycol. Ichor Liquid suggested I try a VG (Vegetable Glycerin) only e liquid and conveniently stocked some for me to try. After receiving it and vaping it, I can confirm that VG E Juice indeed worked. Vaping at festivals and my health have never been so good.



3 Music Festivals In India You Cannot Miss During October

One of the things I love are Musical Festivals, and October is always my favourite time of the year to take time of my busy schedule and let my  hair down and spend some much needed catchup time with my friends. The below festivals are those I try my hardest to make each year.

Soorya Music Festival, Trivandrum – 1 – 10 October



Enjoy the classical sounds  of music and dance with this rhythmic festival. Experience classical performances from well renowned Indian Performers.

Band Baja Bass, 10 Heads Festival, Dhanchiri Camping Resort NH8, Delhi/Gurgaon 22 – 25 October



10 types of festivals all under 1 tent. What better way to spend a few days a way from work. Here you can expect a number of performers playing live.

Jodhpur RIFF, Mehrangarh Fort – 23 – 27th October



World MusicLover will love this. A Mix of Rajasthani folk music and dance. Mick Jagger is even a regular patron of this event